Truly Halal Investments with Zero Compromise!

Opening the door to exciting investment opportunities that are not typically available to the Muslim public, whilst at the same time ensuring full Shari’ah-Compliance.

What Makes our Shariah-Compliance Different?

What we do?

Always consult people of knowledge.

Thorough screening process prior to investing.

Support the Muslim economy

Provide solutions to the Muslim community that are in line with the Shari’ah.

Provide funding solutions to aspiring Muslim entrepreneurs and existing businesses with an Islamic ethos.

What we don’t do?

Do not engage in Riba.

Do not invest in any asset type that is non-compliant with the Shari’ah.

Do not invest in companies that have interest-bearing deposits.

Do not invest in companies that have interest-bearing loans/debt.

Do not knowingly engage in haraam and believe it can then be ‘purified’.

Why Ansaar Invest?

Stringent Shariah-Compliance

Strict policy of no riba or non-compliant (haraam) activities whatsoever!

Asset-Backed Investment

Invest in secured assets, minimising risk and any potential loss on investment.

Low Entry Point

Accessible options with no requirement for further financial commitment. 

High ROI Potential

Benefit from generous annual yields and strong appreciation potential.

Returns Paid Out Annually

Start receiving your return on investment within a year of investing.

Fully Hands Off

Sit back and relax whilst we manage everything for you.

Our Current Investement Opportunity – JBA Ansaar

Projected Returns of 8% NET

Strategic Location

Strong Projected Capital Appreciation

Asset-Backed, Low-Risk Investment

Completely Hands Off